Transcending OLD destructive behaviors

Having had a number of different partner relationship experiences – some healthy and some not so healthy… there has been a lot of inner work and soul searching done with the deeper parts of me, to really break down some seriously limiting core beliefs I had been conditioned to – mostly from my younger years – that I had continued to unconsciously operate from. Which led to life situations and people coming into my life that caused me stress and inner angst.

There were so so many layers to work through with my inner pain and unworthiness when it came to relationships.

But, bit by bit – with a lot of trust, and devotion to a bigger picture, well beyond The drama of the Ego – and a kind of blind faith in the infinite power of the universe, and that it has my back… no matter what happens – these big old heavy blocks began to break down in me.
Big self realizations began to move through me deeply, around my old stuck heavy behaviours and reactions.

And slowly as I began to take more responsibility for my choices and my inner unresolved stuff – the more space there was inside of me to take up more healthier beliefs around who I was in relationships and what I felt I deserved in a relationship (and also life!)

With a lot of help from quite a few brilliant Soul focused Psychotherapists over a period of time…
Not only did I begin to find myself again… my true authentic self…
But, I began to love myself and believe in myself again… and through that journey of deep self discovery – I have now attracted in the most beautiful life experiences as well as truly beautiful people to go with them!
Every day – this is now the standard I live from.
I now feel like I am loving from a truth that aligns with my more of my authentic self – one of love, compassion, self worth, power and freedom. And this grows and shifts every day which feels amazing!

I know and understand I have a long way to go – there will always be challenges and growth to be had – as long as we are breathing there is always that!

But in the journey, I have so many good people and therapists to thank for this beautiful part of me emerging onto the world now!
And I can’t endorse Soul Focused Psychotherapy enough! If you are looking for deep and lasting change in your life – as in change that helps you transcend old past destructive core patterns and behaviors – to move into true inner freedom and happiness, like every day! Then give this therapy a real go!

I’ll leave you with this little gem – around relationship – It’s something I have felt deeply in my heart as a growing faith, that this is out there for all of us…

“Search for someone who challenges you to be better every day, while still loving you right now, unconditionally, for the mess that you are.
Search for someone who doesn’t try to fix your problems, but every moment, acts as the most supportive, encouraging, honest, and comforting sounding board you’ve ever known.

We like to think that love comes first and everything else falls into place, but that’s actually the opposite of the truth. By sustaining a relationship with trust, commitment, true intimacy and soul respect, and a sense of givingness beyond any giving – love will emerge naturally. In the end, love is a byproduct of succeeding in every other aspect of a relationship. Don’t chase love, let it come naturally”

Looking for a way to live from an inner freedom and contentment that you have never felt before ?

Tizz Robinson (Jenn)

Soul Focused Psychotherapist
Sound Therapist
Reiki II
Singing Therapist
Sound Meditation Facilitator

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