Through the medium of Zoom – online individual sessions are readily available to attend. These sessions are handy is you live remotely or a distance away from my place of practice.

Sessions are as normal, but the only difference is that we are online together.

You may not think this is as effective as in person – but the effects of the healing sound frequencies are just as profound and transformative as in person!

The value of a 1:1 session with me – in the convenience of your own home!

Here is what an online client had to say about her recent session..


Thank you so much Tizz, to know that I’m still able to connect with you in these crazy times and to have the opportunity to do online sound baths and online therapy is such a blessing. 💜 I really felt I needed to talk to someone and I’m grateful we could connect this morning. I feel fantastic after our session, your advice followed by the sound therapy was just what I needed. Your voice is angelic and it always takes me to a higher place, I could listen to you sing all day. 💜 I’m very grateful and I believe Miss Grace, (my cat) who joined us was very grateful also. Thank you 🙏🏻 💜🌈
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Online Sound Bath Testimonials