Are you Tuned to your highest Potential?

Did you know that your body can be tuned like a piano? In order to maintain optimal wellness, you need to ensure that we have physical balance. Tuning forks are a great way for you to alter our body’s biochemistry, bringing your nervous system, muscle tone, and organs into harmonic balance. Tuning forks have the power to facilitate the space for you to enter a deep state of relaxation. Once there, you’ll begin to feel at peace.

Most people who use tuning forks for therapeutic purposes are following sound balancing principles.

The idea is to use the frequencies of the forks to detect and correct any imbalances occurring within the body and auric field.

The Biofield Anatomy Hypothesis

This theory states that the human biofield extends about five feet beyond both sides of the body and three feet above the head and below the feet. Shaped like a torus, our biofield holds our memories as energy. Much like how our brain is compartmentalized with certain areas responsible for certain activities, the biofield has sections related to specific emotions, relationships, and states of mind. The biofield also contains the blueprint for our physical body. This means that traumatic experiences can manifest as physical, mental, and emotional disease if certain imbalances are left unresolved inside of us.

How tuning forks are used:

Tuning forks are struck and then waved through the auric field, and much like sonar, their changing overtones reflect the changes within our biofield. This means that any energy blockages and distortions of our energetic field show up as dissonance. When the dissonance is heard, it clues both the practitioner and the client into what needs to be worked on.

What tuning forks can help with

  • High blood pressure
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  •  Digestive issues
  • Migraines
  • Vertigo
  • Pain 
  • Emotional conditions

If you’ve been feeling particularly stressed or suffer from one of the conditions above, consider paying a visit to me – who can utilize tuning forks for the benefit of your highest health and well-being. Tuning forks can help you enter states of deep relaxation within seconds, reduce stress, increase blood flow, enhance our immune response, and allow you to transcend to higher levels of consciousness. After all, isn’t that what were all here to do?

Music and Meditation

Say YES to NO!!

‘NO’ meaning Nitric Oxide! (No not the laughing gas kind – which is nitrous oxide!)

My passion for sound and the healing nature of it, continues to drive me to find out so much more fantastic and mind blowing information on the profound positive effects pure vibration can have on your body and soul on so many levels!

I use tuning forks on my therapy sessions regularly and consistently read deeply about them to gain more knowledge and know how on the profound healing nature and therapeutic benefits they have on the body on a cellular and energetic level. This book which is one of my faves –

Free your Voice by Silvia Nakkach has prompted me to share with you some ground breaking information about a brilliant little molecule called Nitric Oxide!

In my readings of this book, Studies by Dr John Beaulieu, an expert in this field, have shown that the use of tuning forks on the body or applied to the body readily spikes the production of Nitric Oxide. (NO)

NO is known as a tiny molecule that is fundamental to all life and essential for healthy function of vital organs. (Beaulieu also suggests that chanting has a similar effect.)

Scientists who have investigated this molecule found that when the body is under stress, NO production diminishes and this kicks in the sympathetic nervous response, which is associated with lack of energy, joint pain, decreased sexual drive, depression, headaches, anxiety, muscular tension, and digestive disorders.

NO has whats called a ‘puffing cycle’ that is closely linked with the autonomic nervous system.

According to Beaulieu, during the rising puffing phase, NO is released which signals the body to move into the parasympathetic nervous responses – cells relax and move further apart and become rounder, and we begin to feel calmer and more relaxed in this phase, this parasympathetic response allows for better digestion, less muscular tension, less anxiety etc. And during the falling puffing phase, NO dissipates and signals the the body to move into sympathetic nervous mode, which causes the cells to move closer together, thicken their walls and become skinnier. ( like the fight or flight mode)

This puffing cycle allows NO to do its job of destroying bacteria, viruses and free radicals. This puffing cycle is a beneficial when in balance. But when it is out of balance, then this is where problems may begin to occur within our body or our emotional and mental health.

When NO production  is stimulated begins to create some amazing positive psychological benefits such as:

Heart healing and enhanced vascular flow, a stronger immune system, more resistance to stress and acquiring greater stamina, sharper mental clarity and deeper insights, diminished states of depression, calmer states of being.

Not only tuning forks have this positive effect on your systems. But other vibrational instruments and music can deeply influence your state of being. Most significantly- the human voice.

Further Studies have shown that increased NO production can come from inhaling deeply through the nose and ad to increased levels of oxidisation in the blood. And that humming can increase the nasal NO levels by up to 20 fold! (This one excites me!!) We can actually play a significant role in healing ourselves through sound with the most effective sound healing instrument ever – your Voice!

When you surround yourself with pure sound vibration or uplifting music, you are giving yourself a greater chance of increasing NO levels within you and allowing your body and mind to experience the benefits of a deeper sense of wellbeing through healthier nervous responses created by these higher sound vibrations.

So say YES to more NO in your life!!


Sounds of Freedom — Healing through Sound, Music and Vibration

Optimal health occurs when we are vibrating in harmony with our inherent frequency. Sound healing is the vehicle to facilitate this state of being. — Tiz Robinson

Tiz will be offering a beautiful sound healing session at the stunning Bancoora In — 291 Breamlea Rd, Connewarre — on Saturday 22 September at 3:00pm–5:00pm and Tuesday 25 September at 7:30pm–9:30pm — which coincides with the release of her new album Sounds of Freedom.

Cost —$22 per person

To book contact Tiz at Sounds of Freedom or on 0438 527 836

Tiz will also being facilitating yet another beautiful sound shower during shavasana at We Are One But We Are Many — Yoga For Drought Relief in Torquay on Saturday 29 September at 9:00am–10:15am. Booking link in blog post and at Eventbrite.

Cost $20. And ALL proceeds will be donated to Aussie Helpers — a charity set up to help farmers and their families in times of distress. Thank you SO much, Tiz x