I have been a singing teacher for over 20 years, and found that I have always been drawn to deepen my sound experience, and to explore the healing power of sound – how sound and the human voice can benefit healing in many more ways than just teaching someone how to sing. My passion is to reach people more deeply through sound as a medium. Last year, I travelled to the Sound Healing Academy in the Blue Mountains to complete my diploma with Anne Ridgeway. This training really expanded my world!

I have recently been reading a book called ‘Music Medicine’ which had a profound effect on me. I guess a condensed description of the book’s message goes something like this:

It is not what music and sound does to us that changes us, but more so what sound un-does in us that frees us to a truer state of being.

Having experienced time and time again the profound effects sounds have on me, and my way of being. This is what I am passionate to bring to you all – a sense of freedom within yourselves gained through the modality of sound and vibration.


The philosophy surrounding sound and vibration healing is that frequencies of particular instruments — together with the human voice — create an energy field that can influence us in positive ways. Our brain waves and neurological pathways begin to come into a more positive state of being. Sounds are created for the purpose of eliciting a deep internal relaxation response, and to help to facilitate inner peace and well-being.

Vibration therapy has been proven to bring to balance – and to heal physical conditions, negative mental and emotional issues and spiritual imbalances. It is a subtle yet profound healing alternative. 

Sound healing is a methodology that returns us to our innate state of balance and harmony by connecting us with our true nature, and to the universe. It encourages us to vibrate at optimum frequency. With a higher intention, sound helps us to transcend ‘normal’ levels of consciousness by allowing us to experience a more heightened way of being — and that may be through our perceptions, insights or responses to our external world and to our internal universe.