I had been a musician and qualified singing teacher for the past 25 years in various private schools in Geelong.

Having been on a personal spiritual journey for much longer than that, and continually searching for what living from my highest potential might be- about 9 years ago I began studies in Soul Focused Psychotherapy, along with Meditation and Mindfulness, Reiki II and Qi Gong, while I continued working as a singing teacher. 

 In 2017 I began my journey into sound healing as well, as I realised that I had so much more to give to people with the power of sounds than just singing teaching.  It was time to do my purpose work! 

Currently I have just become a practitioner in Access Bars therapy, and am about to embark on producing my 3rd album of deep contemplative healing sounds and mantra – while Continuing to facilitate my own beautiful group Sound Baths in Breamlea near Torquay Victoria, and also facilitating others private retreats, events or yoga classes. For those  looking to explore a little more deeply into their inner worlds and experience transformative change, I also run a private practice with various soul based modalities that are non invasive and seriously life changing.

Having experienced time and time again the profound effects sounds have on me, and my way of being. This is what I am passionate to bring to you all – a sense of freedom within yourselves gained through the modality of sound and vibration. Sound is my absolute passion – so marrying this with my other healing modalities, that being Soul Focused Psychotherapy, Singing Therapy, Access Bars Therapy and Mindfulness Therapy- I feel completely ready to facilitate you to surrender into a gorgeous new and happier version of you! 


The philosophy surrounding sound and vibration healing is that frequencies of particular instruments — together with the human voice — create an energy field that can influence us in positive ways. Our brain waves and neurological pathways begin to come into a more positive state of being. Sounds are created for the purpose of eliciting a deep internal relaxation response, and to help to facilitate inner peace and well-being.

Vibration therapy has been proven to bring to balance – and to heal physical conditions, negative mental and emotional issues and spiritual imbalances. It is a subtle yet profound healing alternative. 

Sound healing is a methodology that returns us to our innate state of balance and harmony by connecting us with our true nature, and to the universe. It encourages us to vibrate at optimum frequency. With a higher intention, sound helps us to transcend ‘normal’ levels of consciousness by allowing us to experience a more heightened way of being — and that may be through our perceptions, insights or responses to our external world and to our internal universe.