Most of you read and see me talk about conscious living and how the power of sound and soul focused psychotherapy can facilitate a transformation around life – feeling heavy and bogged down, to light, loving and at ease.

Here’s a little more information of the ‘how’s’ of this modality and how it can help you move forward in life, not just in a good way- but in an extraordinary way!

The main ways sound and Soul Focused psychotherapy can help you:

1. Relieve physical pain
2. Calm your mind
3. Relieve emotional pressure
4. Change states of consciousness
5. Realize the true essence of what we are- deepest parts of consciousness
6. Live in the world in a heart-centred joyful and balanced way every day
7. Feel completely relaxed and at ease – and react less to the challenges life presents

By attuning and entraining our brain waves and physical cellular structures to more balanced frequencies as the sound waves travel into our energetic and physical fields- we are then able to feel and experience life in very different ways.
Coupled with Soul Focused Psychotherapy which is a therapy in which clients are helped into states of awareness around Ego based Living verses Soul Based living – and how to hold higher states of awareness/ consciousness while living in the world.

Instead of life looking and feeling like it’s hard or challenging or full of drama, draining and dissatisfying and not able to cope – like a victim state-
Life feels easy, flowing, content, natural, fulfilling and joyful – like living from an empowered state.
More from our innate sense of self. (The soul self)

This doesn’t mean life has any less ‘challenges’ but, how we look, deal with and experience these, are from very different places within ourselves.
The energy we begin to invest in through learning how energy works, and beginning to feel life from the witness – or pure consciousness – rather than from the ego state (through soul focused psychotherapy) coupled with, entraining to higher fields of energy (sound and vibration therapy) gives us a chance to not only attempt to implement and experiment with these different feelings of energy as we live our life, but more importantly, be able to hold these energies within us as a way of being in the world!

All this sound amazing?

Are you ready for deep change? ….

Do you feel you deserve to feel extraordinarily incredible – every day? …

The readiness to step away from living life in a ‘safe and small’ way, to expand into your life, to live more in ways of deep love, fulfillment and joyfulness every day ….. takes Courage …. and Curiousity … If you are looking for a deep transformative change – this is for you.