The benefits of Sound Therapy

From ancient times, enlightened communities have understood and know about the significance of sound as an immense potential of power, not only for healing but also for spiritual development.  The variety of sound instruments and tools worked with by ancient civilizations are extensive and are still widely available today.

Scientific and modern day spiritual communities now only truly understand the deep potential behind the benefits of sound that ancient cultures have been practising for centuries.

The emergence of sound or vibration as a holistic therapy highlights the importance of sound as a significant healing and transformational tool in the current day.

Therapeutic sound incorporates a multitude of instruments as well as the human voice. When one works with these modalities with devotion and positive intention, the tools and the tones become transforming instruments of power.

It can bring immense change on every level of being, physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

The pure and clear tones and frequencies emitted during sessions work through sympathetic responses and entrainment and go where they are needed for healing and deeper wellbeing.

Therapeutic sound sessions can balance and harmonize us, help with decreasing and eliminating conditions such as anxiety and depression, help relieve physical pains and disorders; it can act as an energetic builder and cleanser. It allows old and stagnant toxic energies to be released and removed from our systems.

Sound therapy helps restore us to our natural state of resonance, and in this restoration of our natural self, sound healing can bring us from a state of disharmony which manifests stress, tension and dis-ease in our lives, to a state of balance, harmony that leads to a more positive and relaxed state of being in the world.

Individual sound sessions:

One-on-one sessions are offered from my home studio in Highton currently. Here clients receive the therapeutic benefits of gentle vibration therapy designed for their unique needs and healing.