Is Music Important for meditation?

Music for meditation can be beneficial- it depends on your intention and the kind of music/ sounds that are used to meditate.

Sound energy has always played a huge part on the planet to transform lives and bring about change; from going to a concert of your favourite band to being moved by attending a sound bath.

From my experience in the past and experiencing clients who have difficulty reaching an inner state of deep calm and relaxation – I offer the option of trying to listen to certain sounds and frequencies,

Firstly to help ease the inner chatter by giving their mind a focus which helps with the inner slow down and secondly to further facilitate a state of deep inner calm on an unconscious level which the average person finds challenging at the best of times to attain alone.

My recommendations for music with meditation is more along the lines of tones and consistent frequencies that are associated with certain healing properties and can facilitate attaining deeper states of being.

The philosophy surrounding sound and vibration and its effects on the human body and soul is that frequencies of particular instruments — together with the human voice — create an energy field that can influence us in positive ways. Our brain waves and neurological pathways begin to come into a more states of being that help us with aligning with inner fulfilment and happiness and a sense of inner balance. Sounds are created for the purpose of eliciting a deep internal relaxation response, and to help to facilitate inner peace and well being.

Vibration therapy has been proven to bring to balance – and to heal physical conditions, negative mental and emotional issues and spiritual imbalances. It is a subtle yet profound healing alternative.