a Group to experience deeper SELF Awareness, SELF Growth and SELF love

Soul Stirrings 

In my years of offering Soul Focused Psychotherapy, Sound Healing, and other energy healing modalities to my private clients; I have found what I offered in these 1:1 sessions created transformative and lasting changes towards a more uplifted and positive way of being – without their prior heavy emotions consistently getting in the way of their day to day living.

It was just incredible and heart bursting to see them shift from their unhappy and lost selves to a calmer, happier and more aware mindset over the times I saw them. From these consistent experiences, I felt inspired to open up a forum on a more general platform with the intent that I could reach many more people who could have to opportunity to directly experience what so many of my private clients do every day.



If you are feeling a little stuck, lost or unhappy, or you are just curious about learning more on becoming extraordinary in your life and feeling uplifted and amazing in it everyday – not to mention gaining tools and techniques to leave behind all those old negative habits that lead you away from your aspiring life goals and dreams, then this group will be right up your alley!



I am offering a nurturing, supportive space for you and likeminded people to have complete permission to explore – with no judgment – the deeper more sensitive female (YIN) part of yourself (even when it gets ugly in there!) that gets overlooked through the busy-ness of each day.

(yes men! That includes you – you have YIN energy in there somewhere!!)

This is done through beautiful meditations, deep and open discussions and activities, nurturing sound healings and awesome little tips and tricks that will lead you to SELF growth, SELF awareness, SELF love and growing into more of a consistent positive and happy balance with your InnerYin and InnerYang energies everyday.

Let me help you shift into the gears that help rocket you into the life of your dreams!

What do you reckon? Are you worth diving into a little deeper?

If you let yourself daydream – WHAT WOULD THAT LOOK LIKE FOR YOU?

Happy Campers!

Thank you for listening.. Thank you for literally seeing who I really am.
Thank you for empathy and healing. Much gratitude towards a craft – An art – A practice that I am new to.
You cost less than a carton of cigarettes and are comparable to a fine bottle of wine…
And better for my well being.


Julie Johnson


I highly recommend Tizz. It is amazing if you are tired and stressed out and need some
help with anxiety or other things. If you have been heavy all your life and want to deal with it – This is were you should go.
Tizz is so tuned in and gentle and you will be so loved and looked after. It’s so powerful
how the sounds and vibration change things – and you might not feel that straight away but soon you will see the changes in your days!
Just come as you are – you have nothing to lose. You will not regret it.
You wouldn’t want more. Tizz is amazing.

Isalene Steynberg

What? Fortnightly Self Development Class
Where? Bancoora In- Breamlea
Day? Tuesday 6:30-8pm
When? May 24th
What to Bring? A notebook if you wish, Yoga-mat, cushions, blanket for comfort.
How to Book?
How much? $30
More info? Jenn – 0438 527 836 or